Let Statement Stuffer Printing Increase Your Business

The next time you are getting ready to send statements out to your customers have some statement stuffer printing done and slip them inside each envelope. While most of your advertising budget goes towards bringing in new customers, it is important to do some that is exclusively meant to keep the ones you already have. These little […]

Using Rack Cards to Spread Your Message

Rack cards are convenient marketing tools that are used by organizations in spreading their message. The rack cards are usually prominent in organizations that experience high foot traffic in their stores. The rack cards are high quality cards with visually appealing graphics. The standard rack card size is 4 inches by 9 inches. Other rack card […]

Printing Design Tips

Design experts reveal the secrets to better print production Better input means better output. At Just Press Print, we want your print job to look great.  That’s why we’ve assembled this group of print production hints and tips from design professionals. The best looking print production jobs come from the best prepared files. You have the power […]

The powerful secrets of door hanger advertising

Door hanger advertising is a tried and true method to directly reach your target audience—right where they live! Unfortunately, many businesses overlook this effective style of direct marketing to consumers. Check out the following advice from our marketing experts to make your door hanger advertising campaign more effective. Plan for success A door hanger advertising […]

Get the Right Help in Creating Your Own Business Poster

One of the best ways to promote your business is to make your own poster. Printing posters are among the most basic and highly effective marketing tools that businesses around the world use. A well-made poster can say a lot about your business and catches the attention of your prospect clients. And with people’s retention span, […]

How a smart promoter learned how to produce cheap event tickets

Event promotion is hard work, especially when you’re on a tight budget-and who isn’t these days? You can’t afford to invest a fortune in ticket printing but you don’t want the tickets to look like they belong at a local carnival either. It is time to get smart about cheap event ticket printing, and get […]

Catalog design ideas that turn shoppers into buyers

Design a catalog that drives product sales! For certain businesses catalogs are critical to their sales efforts. Regardless of what you have to sell, our marketing experts can help you design a catalog that really drives sales. Catalog design and layout may seem like a tough job at first, but we have a number of catalog […]