Rochester booklet printing service is easy as 1, 2, and 3!

Printing booklets are very attractive for business prospects, drawing interest from just the right audience reading them. To the existing clientele, the print products are a great way of keeping up-to-date with the business, knowing what’s new, what’s hot and what’s on offer.

Rochester booklet printing has changed over the years and it is now quite simple to get copies for your business. Together with an Rochester booklet printing service, you can order your copies from the comfort of your office. Upon completion you will get them delivered promptly thus saving you time and the hassles involved. This service also allows you to order small quantities to fit your marketing budget.

Follow these extremely simple steps when booklet printing:

1. Confirm your design

First, if you have your design ready, double check to ensure that everything is in order. Check that the photos are all in place, proofread, and confirm that the booklet layout is correct. Make sure you create your digital files with crop marks and bleeds. Crop marks are the lines that instruct us where the final piece should be cut to size. For best results, design your print files by adding 0.125” (inch) to all sides of your document.

If you don’t have a design yet, no worries! Choose one from our templates, upload high quality, crisp and vibrant photos and type in the text. Double check everything is prepared properly then proceeds to the next step. Another option is to reach out to a local creative graphic designer.

2. Add the product to your shopping cart

Second, select your desired product from our website product calculator. This is equally important and you might be required provide us information about the project before the booklet can be printed. You can now make your order by indicating the number of booklets you want printed and select the paper of your choice. If you need any special finishing options this would be a great time to select these details.

When everything has been confirmed, add the product to your shopping cart and go through the normal checkout procedures and Just Press Print!

3. Print your order

Finally, after the order has been successfully placed you can now upload your print ready file you prepared in step one and add any other details they may be important to you, and then this will initiate the print process. After we review and proof the project it will go directly to our digital printing press.

The booklet printing usually takes a few days, after which the final booklets can be shipped to your Rochester address or you can choose to pick them up at our facility. Yes, it’s that easy!

The “Go-To” Printing Service

We want to be your regular, “Go-To” Rochester booklet printing service and we believe in earning that privilege. However our pricing may not always be the lowest, but nobody will provide more value or work harder to earn your trust. It’s much more than price, it’s service. Printing on price generally leads to failed delivery dates, unprofessional attitudes and a disappointing marketing booklet.

We are a printing service in Rochester NY that believes in keeping it simple, we communicate professionally and openly, and we deliver on our promises. If we make an error, we own up to it and do all we can to fix it. Nobody’s perfect, so we believe by refining our process over the years, we’ve probably overcome all printing obstacles dozens of times already.

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