The Pros of Printing on Demand

The journey to being a published author begins with writing an interesting book. Many strive to get their writing work done but due to some reasons, never get published. Many would-be published authors also do not have the financial resources to succeed. However there is now a way to change of all that. Printing on demand, which is a technology in printing where books are printed only when there is demand for them. This is a viable method through which one can get published without hurting his/her pockets. This is very beneficial since one can print a smaller number of copies at a very affordable price.

While you can easily turn your ideas, creative work and expertise into pictures and words in the shortest time possible. Knowing why and the pros to printing on demand are essential towards creating your first professionally bound volume.

So Why Print on Demand?

It is a perfect platform for self-publishers: As a self-publisher you may want to target just a few people maybe your close friends and family since your book may be meant just for them. Printing a few books on demand enables you to publish the manuscript in a customized way and control the profitability of your book. It also helps you to publish only the copies you need and control the profits.

It can help you venture the world of published authorship. As a new author it may be wasteful for you to print so many copies of your book since people mostly do not buy books from authors who are not well known. Instead you can produce a few copies so as to see how your books will be received before printing them on a large scale. Many authors are getting familiar with this opportunity and currently there is a boom in printing on demand making it a good chance for you to get published.

The Pros to Printing on Demand

1. You are able to print fewer books:

Conventional book printers produce more than 1000 copies since it is generally expensive to print few copies. With printing on demand, you can print the number of books you require for the upcoming order and not exhaust your budget.

2. You incur fewer expenses:

It is less expensive to print on demand since you do so only when you know that there are customers. Instead of producing so many books and keeping them in inventory you produce only the required paperbacks and make sure they are all sold before printing again. This reduces the amount of space you will need and financial resources to succeed.

3. You can maintain the availability of your books:

If you are a seasoned author and your books sell out after a large scale printing, you may decide to print on demand a few more copies before the next large scale printing so as to keep extras of your book in circulation. It will be much more economically viable to do so since waiting for the next large scale printing may deny some of your customers the chance to get the book and hurt your profits.

4. You can manage uncertainty:

Some book demands are usually higher during a particular time say at the peak of a certain celebrity’s career. Just as it may be profitable to publish a book on a very large scale there is a high amount of risk that is associated with it. The celebrity’s ratings may sink just after publishing the book leaving with many unsold copies. The solution would be to print on demand where only enough copies are printed so that they can all be sold during the appropriate time.

5. You can have niche publications done:

There are some academic works that require too remain in print even though the niche market is saturated. This is to ensure that other researchers and students will get the work in the future when they need it. A solution would be to print it on demand. Since not many reproductions are required the printing can take place at any time when the work is required. There could also be works that relate to a certain demographic factor, for instance a detailed account of the history of a certain ethnic community. Such works do not need to be manufactured on a large scale but copies would go a long way in ensuring that the history is preserved.

6. You can print the books in variable formats:

With on demand printing you can cater for people with disabilities and impairments by having larger fonts and special formats. You can also have books published in various formats depending on your personal preferences.

Just Press Print’s on demand printing capabilities are of the highest standards. Our goal is to ensure that more authors get published and succeed like any other small business would. Our specialists ensure that the printed books that are published are of the highest quality and meet all publishing standards. Contact us at our Rochester NY, facility or order on line today to begin your journey as a published author.

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